Our Services

Our certified team consists of qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers as well as Energy saving professionals with years of experience in the field. As a team we strive to work to our best of our abilities to provide the best results possible.

Electrical Services

  • Lightning and Floodlighting Designs
  • Electrical Installations
  • Telephone Installations
  • Telephone Systems
  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems
  • Automatic Fire Fighting Systems (For Computer Rooms)
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • CCTV
  • Access Control Systems
  • System Antenna TV Systems
  • Sound and Public Address Systems
  • Conference and Interpretation Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Lifts and Escalators
  • Standby Generating Plants
  • UPS and other Power Supply Systems
  • Industrial Automatic Control Systems

Mechanical Services

  • Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Central Heating with Hot Water Radiators
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Hot and Cold Water Services
  • Water Waste and Drainage
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Gas Storage and Distribution
  • Cleaning Vacuum system
  • Automatic Controls and Energy Conservation Management Systems
  • Swimming Pools
  • Compressed Air Schemes
  • Lifts and Escalators

Energy Services

  • Energy auditing of any facility
  • Identifying all energy systems and evaluating their condition
  • Analyzing the impact of improvements to those systems
  • Writing up an energy report
  • Suggesting no-cost changes where feasible and low-cost changes, for reduction of energy consumption
  • Simulating the effect of the changes with the aid of a computer software
  • Designing renewable energy systems (i.e solar air/water heating, photovoltaic systems, wind energy and biomass energy)
  • Issue with a certified energy certificate of the completed building.